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Emerging markets like Africa are not for the faint hearted. If your business has ambitions to penetrate and conquer High Growth markets and you don’t wish to retain the likes of the big consultancy firms then its best we speak.

My 20+ years of experience in Africa, Middle East and Asia have given me the tools and the insights on how to tackle these diverse and challenging markets. As an example I built a consumer brand from scratch in Africa with ZERO funding. Imagine what I could do for your brand.

My expertise lies in B2C and B2B and in executing on your Brand’s vision. I can help you fast track your growth with an indepth and concise Go To Market Strategy.

We advise on Innovation, Marketing, Brand Strategy, Influencers, Social Media strategy, Business Development, Commercial contracts, Financing, and local Partnerships. I have co created initiatives with the likes of Visa, Western Union, Airtel, Millicom, Vodafone, The African Leadership Network and Uber.

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Rozzyn Boy,
Chief Communications Officer. Vimpelcom

"I worked with Alpesh for two years while at Motorola and am yet to find a more hungry, proactive and driven salesman. With his finger firmly on the pulse of his business at all times, Alpesh made it his priority to be the most connected mobile man in the African markets. The results he brought in for the company speak for themselves. ‬ ‪From a PR perspective Alpesh was always willing to give up his time to promote the Motorola brand throughout Africa and was well received by the media. A great and willing support for the efforts I was driving forward. "

Vanesse Holmes,
Strategic Brand Developer / Group Work Facilitator.
Sense to Solve‬‬‬

"Alpesh is truly one of the most dynamic and visionary businessmen I have had the privilege of working with. His insight into both mobile technology and emerging markets is unparalleled. He is always incredibly professional in his dealings with clients, partners and suppliers. Alpesh will be a credit to any person or team wanting understand more about how to invest in or launch new products, companies or brands in emerging and frontier markets, be that in the telecommunications industry or any other. I highly recommend Alpesh‬."

Maria Goble,
Account Director.
Europe at Ovum‬‬‬

"Having worked with Alpesh as a client, I was very impressed with his energy, passion and drive for the business. He is an excellent communicator who can manage the international business market and achieve strategic business goals. His experience in the sector will lead the company into success whilst creating an exciting, unique brand. I have the highest respect for Alpesh.‬‬‬"



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